torsdag 1. desember 2011

The return of...

A new hope? The empire strikes back? The return of the Jedi? Just as epic as these three motion pictures is the epic return of our beloved Dandy Jon-Anders. Jon-Anders has been living the dandy lifestyle in Australia for the last three months and boy are we stoked to have him back. Norway was never the same without him.

Now enough about him. With his return, will he bring balance to the force? Undoubtedly, yes! He will at least be bringing new material, wich we will be working on around christmas time. Hopefully we'll get those damn drumtracks, so the demo can finally be mixed together.

No worries, my good dandies. Dandy Distorted has not turned to the dark side of the force, not yet anyway, and we will rock your socks of.

Stay Dandy, stay true... Obi-wans lightsaber is the colour blue.

Ps. I apologize for the reference to Star Wars. What can I say, Dandy loves epic spacebattles!

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