lørdag 26. mars 2011

Last scenes today!

We are about to record our last scenes for the video! And then we're gonna party!

fredag 25. mars 2011


Martin lookin' good

Jonas and his wet dream

Our solo guitarist

Jon-A and his back-up

mandag 21. mars 2011

Our plans for this week:

Okay. This week we are gonna work real hard. Unfortunally, I (J-A) have become ill. But I hope it wont last for too long! Anyway; here is our schedual:

Monday : Meeting with our photographer (great meeting!)

Tuesday : Clean up our rehearsal room, spot location and get outfits and props.

Wednesday : Studio photoshoot (+ location shoot)

Thursday - Sunday : Work as much as is needed for our music video to be finished (, and possibly shoot some location promo pictures)

After this we can only wait for our man to edit and master. Cool!

So stay tuned, this is gonna be great!

søndag 20. mars 2011


Today we joined ReverbNation! Weeeee!! Awesome!

And also: Photo and musicvideo will be shot nexx week, finally!!

mandag 14. mars 2011


This week we're gonna do an "extreme makeover" in our rehersal room. Pictures will be posted! And we continue our work with booking gigs and studio. Peace iN!

mandag 7. mars 2011

Band meeting!

Today we had a band meeting. We figured out som essential live elements, and we discussed our bass-player issue. The issue beeing we don have one. Anywhoo, i've broken my Cubase-dongle, so i'll have to wait for a new one. It might take a while, but we have to prepare our photoshoot anyway. Until nexxt time: Get some sleep!

lørdag 5. mars 2011

Spellemann 2010!

Tonight we drink our beer and follow the norwegian music awards "Spellemannsprisen"! Tomorrow we continue recording our newest tunes and maybe, mayyyyybe we'll put some shit up on myspace next week!

tirsdag 1. mars 2011

Damn its early!

Both me and Martin are on our way for work now. Early as s**t. Dæven det er tidlig! Anyway, be on the look-out for new shit in the nexxt days! Peace in.