mandag 10. desember 2012

Album is done!

The album is done. We are very exxited and happy with the result. Now we just have to wait for the master! In the meantime we'll continue looking for a label to help us release it. Also; we've got some news for you, so stay tuned!

søndag 4. november 2012

DDTV Episode 2


In this episode we arrive in Portland and attends to the Blazers vs Lakers game. The atmosphere was epic. We tried to catch it on tape.. Have a look!

lørdag 3. november 2012

DDTV Episode 1

Hey hey hey!

We've arrived in Portland, Oregon and we're having a blast! I'm not gonna write too much about what we've been doing and what we're gonna be doing, because you'll be able to see it on our new video blog series: DDTV!!

Episode 1: Enjoy!

torsdag 4. oktober 2012

Preparing for awesomeness!


25 days until we get on the plane and fly over to work with Kris Crummett in Portland, Oregon. We've been writing some new material and worked alot with the old. One week from now Jonjon and Martin will, literally, live in the DD rehersal room to fine tune and finish-up the preproduction. Exxpect greatness!

As for our trip to the States i would like to mention yet again that you can follow us on twitter(@dandydistorted) and instagram (@dandydistorted) to stay updated. We will also upload some studio blog videos.  There will be alot of pictures from our time in the studio, but also heaps of pictures documenting what we do before, outside and after studio hours! It will be funny, scary, hard work, exxiting and truly awesome!

So go ahead, follow us on twitter and instagram for all the latest updates and bullshit!


lørdag 11. august 2012

Dandy Distorted visits the US of A.

Following all the fantastic feedback we have recieved, a decision was made to travel to Portland, Oregon, in November to record some of our material. We will be working with producer Kris Crummet at Interlace Audio, who have worked with bands like Sleeping with sirens, Alesana and Jonny Craig. Kris Crummet has also tracked vocals for Chino Moreno from Deftones.

Stay true, stay Dandy

xoxo Dandy Distorted

onsdag 1. august 2012

Wills Room Live Awards 2012

Heyhey! We've been nominated to Wills Room Live Awards as "best unsigned group". Please bring out your Dandy and vore for us by following this link: It takes no more than 10 seconds. Thanxx!

torsdag 12. juli 2012

Song download, new mixx and new guitar!


Long time no see! We've been busy planning our nexxt release, and i promise you: It WILL be epic! Its just so f**king annoying that it takes so much time to map it all out, but we're getting there and we will let you know the details as soon as we've got'em. While you wait you can always check out the new mixx of Awake And Fake! Yeah! Download avalible in our ReverbNation store for no more then $0.99!
A new mixx of the song "Superficial, Shallow and Stuck On Repeat" is also on its way.

The latest news, for those who dont follow us on Instagram or Twitter, is that Jonjon just finished his new Custom '12 "Kick-Ass-Ter". A fender spec guitar, custom made from Warmoth, US, featuring Kick-Ass' epic first win!

Jonjon is just waiting for his Gibson Dirty Fingers to arrive in the mail! Gonna be awesome!

tirsdag 10. juli 2012

The KickAssTer

Jonjon's new custom guitar feat. Kick-Ass' first EPIC win:

onsdag 9. mai 2012

Hello hello my dear Dandies!

Alot is going on in Camp-Dandy atm, so we have not been able to update you for a while. We are working on a new release, but i'm sorry to say that our new video have been postponed for different reasons. As we've mentioned before we are hoping to get some live shows down sometime soon, but we want to get this new release finished first.

On another note; we have invested in a new PA for our rehersal room! Finally! I'm tired of screaming my lungs out trough a guitar amp. Don't you worry dear children of the Dandy. DD is coming to rock your town!

See you later, alligator!

tirsdag 1. mai 2012

Just to let you know: is our new domain! Dandy stuff happens here! Its been a while since we've updated you. We are working hard on some new songs, rehersing for our upcoming live shows (TBA) and some other stuff. So keep an eye on and enjoy our music while you wait for more news! Also: follow us on instagram and twitter for day-to-day pics and some Dandy-daily fun!

torsdag 5. april 2012

New vid in the making!

Yes, we are recording at the moment. Dont know exxactly when it's finished, but it wont be too long. In the meantime follow us on twitter and Instagram for even more updates and pictures.  Peace out!

tirsdag 27. mars 2012

Band update!

We are proud to announce that Fredrik will be our live key, perk and backing voxx-master! He is the same Fredrik as you saw in the "Nökkelhank Blouse"-vid posted a while ago. He is a good friend and a Dandy a**hole. Good for him, good for us!

We are also working our asses off to find and book venues for future gigs, so just be patient; Dandy WILL come to YOUR town!

lørdag 3. mars 2012

The King Minion Music Podcast

Hey hey! We just want to let You know that King Minion played and commented our song "superficial, shallow and stuck on repeat" in his music podcast. Check it out at;

King Minion Music Podcast

If You want to play DD on your podcast, radio show or any other media (Go Ellen show!) just send us an email: or go to our booking-page!

mandag 27. februar 2012

dandy coverart

So we have been working on the cover for our demo, and we thought you might want to have a sneak peek at our dandy coverart. Remember, It's still a work in progress.

And know what you are thinking and yes, this is just what you recordcollection needs.

Stay dandy!

lørdag 11. februar 2012

fredag 10. februar 2012

Epic Times In Trondheim!

This weekend will be all about rehersal and organizing. Lots of different ideas that need to be catalogized and put in to action! Jon-Anders entered Trondheim by train. The sixx hour ride was just enough for him to finish up some rough drafts for new hits to come!

We started our rehersal a bit late on wednesday, but started early the following morning.
Some of us need their medication more than others, but we made it. We played all our songs and it was tight!

That was it for now, but be on the lookout for a little video-surprise...

søndag 29. januar 2012

DD keeps on a-rollin'!

Exxelent feedback from our listeners, featured on "Wills Room Live", featured on Hypedsounds fb-page, new mixx and brand new songs, new music video in tha makin' and a very very very special surprise soon to be revealed! This spring will be AWESOME!

tirsdag 24. januar 2012

Climbing the charts!

Here is an update on Dandy Distorted's current ReverbNation-chart (national). Pretty sweet!

søndag 22. januar 2012

Dandy Distorted on "Wills Room Live"!

Great news!

Dandy Distorted will be played every Monday night at 9pm GMT on the "Monday Nights Unsigned Artist Show". "Wills Room Live" and can be heard using any of the following links:!/show/willsroomlive

torsdag 19. januar 2012


Our drumtraxx have finally arrived and new mixx of our songs will be released as soon as possible. "Awake And Fake" has already been uploaded. "Superficial, Shallow And Stuck On Repeat" and "Pathetic Mess (in 1 2 3 4)" will be out very very soon... ENJOY!

torsdag 5. januar 2012

Happy New year!

New lyrics are on the way, and we are currently handling to major issues in the world. Mainly corrupt politics and premature ejaculation, what a Dandy world. Happy New year everybody!