torsdag 4. oktober 2012

Preparing for awesomeness!


25 days until we get on the plane and fly over to work with Kris Crummett in Portland, Oregon. We've been writing some new material and worked alot with the old. One week from now Jonjon and Martin will, literally, live in the DD rehersal room to fine tune and finish-up the preproduction. Exxpect greatness!

As for our trip to the States i would like to mention yet again that you can follow us on twitter(@dandydistorted) and instagram (@dandydistorted) to stay updated. We will also upload some studio blog videos.  There will be alot of pictures from our time in the studio, but also heaps of pictures documenting what we do before, outside and after studio hours! It will be funny, scary, hard work, exxiting and truly awesome!

So go ahead, follow us on twitter and instagram for all the latest updates and bullshit!